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Whole Grain Stuffing with Gravy

Sweet or Savory Holiday Stuffing? That seems to be the great debate when it comes to holiday meals. While neither are wrong, here at Foothill Farms® we tend to be on team savory!

Our Whole Grain Stuffing Mix is the perfect blend of whole grain crumbs and a savory medley of herbs and seasonings. Our product can be made with no baking which will add simplicity to your menu prep! Just mix into hot water until all of the water is absorbed and the stuffing mix is well blended.

Our product is made with real breadcrumbs, with 51% of the grains coming from whole grains. Pair this stuffing with one of our delicious gravy mixes to add even more delicious flavor to your meal.

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Gravies Galore!

Turkey Gravy with Whole Grain Stuffing

From interesting flavor combinations to traditional authentic ingredients, create countless, great-tasting dishes with our wide variety of gravy mixes. We have mixes that will give you the made-from-scratch taste with ease in a variety of categories!

Brown – A universally popular gravy profile with a hearty, savory taste and a light brown color. Serve over meatloaf, noodles or mashed potatoes; ladle over french fries for poutine; add in sautéed mushrooms or onions and butter; blend into beef before grilling burgers.

Beef – A blend of robust roast-beef flavor, herbs and spices that has an intense, hearty, savory taste and rich dark brown color. Mix with sour cream for a stroganoff; use in pot pies; serve with an open face roast beef sandwich; ladle over beef tenderloin; use as a base for soups; add soy sauce to boost meaty flavor and add richness.

Chicken and Poultry – A blend of lively roast-chicken flavor, onion, herbs and spices with a hearty rich taste and golden color. Add beer and rosemary and serve over roasted potatoes or chicken; replace cream and butter in Yukon Gold mashed potatoes; use in pot pies or chicken-potato bowls; great as a base for soups and dumplings.

Turkey – A mildly seasoned flavor with herbs and spices with characteristics of roasted turkey and a buttery yellow color. Add Chardonnay wine and serve over turkey, stuffing or with roasted seasoned potatoes; combine with sage or cranberry sauce for a savory or sweet twist.

Pork – A balance of roast-pork flavor and herbs with a translucent light brown color. Serve over roasts and chops; add apple juice to create Normandy sauce; or ladle over pork tenderloin.

Aus Jus – A light sauce that’s a blend of beef flavor, that tastes like the meat’s natural juices with a dark lucent color. Serve with French dip sandwiches; ladle over roast beef to keep meat moist before serving; create jus lié by adding cornstarch; use as a steak marinade; rub dry mix on meat prior to cooking for additional flavor.

White Country – A creamy white, opaque gravy with a rich dairy flavor with bits of cracked black pepper. Add pork or turkey sausage and serve over biscuits; offer as a dipping sauce for chicken strips; pour over chicken fried steak; use as a base for chowders and sauces.

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