The Good Gravy and Stuffing Foodservice Rebate

From October 1 until December 31, 2014 Foothill Farms is offering a foodservice operator rebate. $5 off each case of gravy or stuffing mix up to $200.

Don’t miss out on our newest foodservice rebate. From October 1 until December 31, 2014 we are offering $5 off each case of gravy or stuffing mix up to $200. With cooler temperatures and holiday dining rapidly upon us, it’s time to start stocking up on these comfort food items. Remember, Foothill Farms® dry mixes are shelf-stable for one year. There is no refrigeration required, so there is no need to worry about food waste. Simply mix with water when ready. Check out our newest mixing videos on YouTube.

A few of our gravy mixes are even sodium conscious, containing 220mg of sodium per serving or less. These mixes fall into our Flavorwise™ product line are especially helpful to K-12 schools as well as healthcare facilities.

Foothill Farms® Beef Flavor Gravy Instant Mix - With Other Natural Flavors
Beef Gravy is an ideal topping over open face roast beef sandwiches, tenderloin, salisbury steak, noodles and mashed potatoes

Twenty gravy and stuffing products qualify for the rebate. Simply submit a rebate coupon with a copy of the distributor invoice or electronically generated proof of purchase. Your request must be postmarked by January 1, 2015. This foodservice rebate is only available to operators. Distributors, contract customers, purchasing groups, cash and carry, and bid accounts cannot participate. Chains and affiliated groups must participate as single units. Also, this offer is limited to USA foodservice operators only and cannot be combined with other rebates.

A savory blend of herbs and seasonings with three flavorful breadcrumbs: white, dark and corn.
A savory blend of herbs and seasonings with three flavorful breadcrumbs: white, dark and corn.

We hope this helps you get started stocking up on gravies and stuffings. Foothill Farms understands this time of year requires careful planning for fall/winter menus and preparing for heavy traffic during the holiday season. Our gravies and stuffings are great additions to any foodservice kitchen’s operation. We would love to help you get started by sampling our products. Please comment on this blog or reach out to us via our contact page. We want to make sure that every chef and foodservice director has tried our products.

For more information on this rebate, please visit our operator rebate page. For recipe and product information please visit

Serve White Gravy on top of biscuits or chicken fried steak.
Foothill Farms® Country Gravy Instant Mix is an instant gravy with rich, lively sausage flavor.

It All Starts Dry! Versatility Is Where You See The Difference

Tacos and Rice


The first of the month is approaching and it’s time to place orders and reorders. You’ve seen what is working and you know what isn’t. The menu can be tweaked but with menu changes comes new products to purchase. Your foodservice broker introduces you to a dry mix product that correlates to your menu change. WAIT! Did you say “DRY MIX”?


One of the benefits of using a dry mix is that customers receive a mixture of the basic ingredients rather than having to purchase each one of them individually and possibly, mince and dice multiple ingredients before ever starting to cook. Dehydrating vegetables and blending fresh, dry seasonings along with smart packaging, opens the door to a world of menu VERSATILITY. This is where the possibilities become endless! For example, a container of Chipotle Flavor Taco Seasoning Mix isn’t just for making the obvious; it can easily be combined with cream cheese, mayonnaise, rice, ranch dressing or brownie mix (yes BROWNIE mix) to make many culinary concoctions. In fact, one package of dry mix can be used for as many as 50 servings and in at least 10 different recipes.

Another strong attribute of dry mix is the capability to adjust the strength of the flavors or alter the thickness of the sauce or gravy. When the mix starts dry, you can make the product according to package directions or slowly add liquid until the desired thickness or flavor is reached. This closely resembles “cooking from scratch”. Although, cooking from scratch exudes craftsmanship, it also means additional prep time and expense.

There is a trendy, culinary term that backs the concept of dry mix called “speed scratch”. Speed scratch is loosely defined as the process in which a chef utilizes a prepared mix in replacement of individual basic ingredients and then adds a handful of additional ingredients to make the creation signature and to finish the dish – FAST!

Versatility isn’t just a matter of menu expansion or culinary art, it also helps restaurants and foodservice providers make more profitable meals. How? Dry mix is lighter and less bulky than RTU products, which translates to “more for your money”. It also allows more flexibility for food storage since refrigeration is not required.

Dry mix lends itself more to menu versatility, higher profits, less storage worries and more time for doing what you LOVE to do!

Beyond Baked Chicken Nuggets…Is Your Menu Ready?

BBQ Teriyaki Chicken w rice

Recent Government Changes to School Meal Regulations Allows Cafeterias More Quantity and Variety

The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act was recently modified, lifting the previous restrictions on grain and protein maximums. This change is anticipated to positively affect school cafeterias nationwide.

In theory, limiting the amount of carbohydrates and calories from a meal contributes positively to weight management and combats the health concern of childhood obesity. In reality, schools are forced to offer a more limited menu to already picky eaters and as a result, children do not ingest enough healthy food to sustain them throughout the day. Thankfully, concerned parents, nutritionists, and school administrators won the battle and now schools will be free to expand their menus beyond baked chicken nuggets!

How Foothill Farms Can Help
Foothill Farms offers rice seasonings, pasta sauces, and meat gravies that will instantly add flavorful variety to your menu. First, take a look at your current monthly menu. Do you think you have enough variety? Is there something else you wish you could add? We bet you didn’t even have to look! Of course you have recipes you want to add!

Foothill Farms can assist you in successfully and efficiently adding more variety to your current rice and pasta side dishes and add an appealing sauce or gravy to your daily meat offering. We can assure you that our mixes are no fail! Our seasoning and sauce blends are taste tested and made with fresh, dry ingredients, keeping in mind school aged appetites. All you need to do is add hot water! To find a foodservice broker nearest you, please visit our Broker Locator. 

Try Something New
A good start is to add some ethnic variety. Here are two meals to try:
BBQ Teriyaki Chicken and Asian Stir Fried Rice
Chicken Fajitas and Taco Rice